The Truth About Birthday Parties

It's inevitable that when Christine and I meet a new client for the first time, that we are drawn in by the story of how they met and the excitement of planning for their big day. However, not all of our photography sessions are for weddings; some are for baby, maternity and birthday shoots. Typically before a wedding shoot, we do a pre-scout and formulate a loose plan to capture the story of the day. The story is always what's important to us but sometimes it can be hidden in the subtext or the back story, hidden in the relationships that we set out to capture. For example a bride being happy on her wedding day is very evident but the back story is daddy's little girl has grown up and she will be moving to the next chapter in her life. This makes for some profound imagery.
On this particular evening we were invited to shoot a triple birthday party on Toronto's trendy King St. West. Our client was throwing a big beautiful black and white party for her three best friends, all of whom were over 40. She wanted us to capture all the special moments that would make up this special evening...and so we did. We shot the cake, the details, the group shoots and had a ton of fun while doing it! But the thing is something was missing...hmm.
I would be lying if i didn't consider my birthday a pretty darn special day, after all, before I was born there was no 'me.' There was no one to light up the room, there was no warm smiles and there was no chocolate mousse cake specially made with butter icing and topped with your my given name. So just the thought of us being here is very special and can cause us to reflect on just that thought. And so while the party was winding down, we took the birthday ladies aside and did a little special portrait session by the warmth of the fireplace and asked them to reflect on this special day. Here are some of the their portraits from that session along with some of their friends.