Suspended Animation

Personal work is always fun especially when you have your best friend fly in for a visit and the conversation goes something thing like this;

Kevin: "Jay, how do you feel about gettin' a little wet?"

Jason: "Uhm, it's hot; sure why not!".

Kevin: "Great! OK, Dad get a bucket!"
Jason is a world class animator, he's very talented and never stops moving and his work takes him quite literally around the world. Last year he ventured from Vancouver to Melbourne to Sweden, Germany and England all before planting his feet in the sunny sandy beaches of Puerto Plata Dominican Republic so that he could go to surf school.  This guy works even when he is on vacation! So when I got the opportunity to get him in my sights I knew it was the perfect time to slow him down for just '1/8000th of second', long enough to capture a single frame of this vagabond animator and enjoy this suspended moment.

6 fps...I think in frame 1 he looks scared!

6 fps...I think in frame 1 he looks scared!

the jump.jpg
the animator.jpg