Q: What should we wear to our engagement session?











Q: How long are the engagement sessions?

A: Ultimately, it should look effortless and you should be comfortable in front of the camera. Stylistically, it's all up to you though. It can be a dressed-up occasion or smart-casual. Typically, the trend is to still glam it up a bit for the camera, yet still be comfortable; after all, you are shining stars! When considering what to wear, just ask yourself how you would like to express your love for each other and to the rest of the world.

When considering colours and patterns, just try to wear something that doesn't clash (ie. red and pink.) Also, it can be beneficial to wear more solid colours than small pinstripes or tiny patterns that will get lost in the picture and make the image look busy. After all, you want the focus to be on you and the love of your life, rather than the pattern on your shirt!  Although not necessary, creative props are fun too! Some props to consider: sparklers, hats, flowers, cigars, an umbrella, balloons and don't forget your favorite pet!


One final thing to consider is footwear as there may be different locations during the 2-3 hour photo shoot, so their will some walking around.


A: Usually about 1-1.5 hours.

Q: Where can the engagement photos be taken?

A: Engagement photos can be taken just about anywhere. There are beautiful surroundings all over Halifax, or if you prefer an indoor setting, we can make arrangements for that too. Another option is to have a photo session at your home and/or backyard. Before the engagement shoot, we can collaborate and discuss any suggestions you have! We are always open to different ideas!

Q: When can we expect delivery of our engagement photos?

A: Delivery can be expected within a month after the photo session. However, before that time, we will email you some teasers for your Facebook!

Q: How will you be delivering our images?

A:  Currently images are mailed or hand delivered by our photography team on a CD with high resolution images.

Q: How far in advance should I book?

A: For engagement sessions we recommend that you book a couple weeks in advance.


Wedding Day Sessions

Q: What venues have we photographed around Halifax?
















Q: How much time should we book for a wedding?

Here is a short list is no specific order:

Casino NS

Chocolate Lake Hotel

Prince George

The Marriott, Halifax

White Point Beach Lodge

Inverary Resort, Baddeck Cape Breton.

The Barn

Delta Hotel

Pier 21

Liscombe Lodge

Oak island

Micmac Acquatic

Penn Hills, Shubenacadie, NS

Hatfield Farm, Hammonds Plains  

Holiday Inn Halifax Harbour View, Dartmouth

Statacona Military Base- Halifax

Fox Harbour, NS

A: Our photography team shoots for 12hrs. In order to get a sense of the wedding venue, we also tend to do a brief scouting of the venue to have a look at the ceremony and reception areas so we can become inspired and brainstorm creative ideas for your photos before the big day.  We look forward to the opportunity of shooting your wedding ceremony, reception and the after party, following the reception! We always keep in mind that it's your big day and as guest photographers, we feel honored to be there to share these amazing moments with you.


Q: Do you require anything from me before the wedding?

A: Yes, we always have some questions about your special day regarding the venue, desired shoots and general questions about the bride and groom, which is why we always like to meet our clients in person to get to know them better as individuals and a also get a clear sense of what they are looking for in their wedding photography. All this helps our team paint a picture for us to research the venue and plan gorgeous shoots for you!

Q: Do we need to meet with you before the wedding?

A: We would like to meet with you prior to your wedding to not only establish a rapport, but also to  help us create a better idea of your wedding day vision and all of the exciting details! Knowing these specific details are very important, since we want you to be able to focus on your wedding on your big day and already know that we are fully aware of all the details. Taking the time to establish a rapport with us is important for your wedding day, especially since we will be with you for most of the day, capturing all of the special moments, making it a comfortable experience.

Q: When can we expect delivery of our wedding photos?

A:  Delivery can be expected within three to four months after the wedding day (we pay special attention in post production, making sure we carefully make each one of your images look breath-taking.)

Q: How will you be delivering our images?

A:  Your images will be delivered on a high resolution DVD. Whenever possible, we hand deliver your album, but if this is not possible, we will mail your images to your home address.  

Q: Are you available for destination weddings?

A: Yes, we are both available as a team upon scheduling and have experience capturing  weddings at destination resorts.

Q: How far in advance should I book?

A: For booking your wedding day, we recommend that you book at least two months in advance to ensure that we still have availability.

Q: What do I need to do to guarantee my wedding booking?

A: A deposit of 25% will guarantee you that we will be there on your wedding day. This deposit will, of course, be deducted from your final balance. 

Q: When is the wedding day balance due?

A: The final balance is due on your wedding day or before.


Children's Photography And Family Photos

Q: When is the best time of day for a shoot with children?

A: Anytime after a nap when they are alert and have energy.

Q: When is the best time to schedule newborn photographs?

A: We can photograph newborns anytime after birth. It is usually best between 4-15 days after birth when they are sleeping quite a bit. That being said, we are also available for birth photos, which are taken a couple hours after your precious baby is born. These photos are more subtle photos of mom and the baby, along with the family if you choose, which bring a lifetime of smiles and  lasting memories.

Q: How many hours will the photo session be?

A: Depending on the circumstances usually a couple of hours, or less depending on how the new Mommy is feeling.


General Questions

Q: How many photographers will we have for our event?

A: It depends on the event as to whether or not the second photographer takes the role of photographer or assistant. For example, at weddings, we always shoot as a team of two photographers in order to capture all of the special moments and to be in many places at once. As you know, weddings are very busy events, filled with many people and activities. Therefore, having two photographers makes the footage complete and spectacular! On the other hand, during engagement, family and baby photo shoots, the second photographer usually takes on the assistant role, as only one photographer is required when the poses are staged.

Q: Is my event the only one you'll be shooting for the day/evening?

A: Yes, for weddings we only shoot one a day. Outside of weddings, we can shoot several engagement/family/baby/animal photo sessions in one day. All you have to do is choose the time of day for your photo session!

Q: Is it okay for other people to take photos while you do?

A: Absolutely, our only concern is if there are too many flashes preventing us from getting a shot, or if someone is directly in our way. If these issues come up, we kindly ask others to give us a chance to take our shots and then they are free to take as many photos as they please! After all, it is a celebration!!!

Q: Can we give you a shot list of what specific "must have" shots we'd like?

A: Yes! We are totally open to your ideas and input! We will work together to get the best possible images!

Q: Do you have a refund/cancellation policy?

A: Your deposit is refundable up to 3 months before your wedding. No return on deposit less than 90 days prior to wedding date.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, cheques and online email transfers.  

Q: What if I am camera shy?

A: If you are camera shy, we can work together to come up with a working arrangement for your wedding day that will suit your specific needs. There are some techniques that we can both do to overcome this too! You can try and shoot some photos of yourself or with one other friend and practice your best funny faces and then practice your smiles. We can also shoot a more photo journalistic style, which means that we capture moments as they happen and do less staging. With practice and a little confidence, you can overcome your fears! An engagement session is also a great chance for us to get know each other, as  it will often break the ice  and allow us to already know each other before your wedding day.  It's also a great way for you  to warm to the camera. That way, on your wedding day, having already been warmed up to the camera,  you will be in a very happy state of mind, you will be perfectly dressed and your makeup and hair will look great! With this in mind your sure to overcome any ill feelings towards the camera! We ultimately believe the best way to get around being 'camera shy' is simply for us to work at a slight distance from you, not to far though, but before we go that far we would like to meet you, introduce ourselves and discuss other alternatives.

Q: Are you able to Photoshop out skin imperfections?

A: As a Photoshop pro, this is possible,  but keep in mind that this takes more time and will often add more to the price of your images.

Q: Are you able to provide digital enhancements, such as modifying colours and black and white photos, for our engagement and/or wedding sessions?

A: Sometimes we make colour adjustments to images that we believe would be more captivating if they were digitally enhanced in post production. We reserve the right to selectively choose which images to digitally enhance, modify colouration, and/or make into black and white etc. Black and White images may be requested at an additional price.

Q: Can I put my photos on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

A: Sure you can.  If you are doing so, it would be extremely beneficial for our photography team, if you could make a note about us and mention that the photos were taken with Kevin & Christine Photography. This would be greatly appreciated,  as your referral leads to more opportunities for us to capture other people's special moments during their life events!

Q: Who owns the rights to the photos?

A: In Canada, Canadian photographers officially own the copyright to all of their work whether the photograph is commissioned, or not as stated in The Copyright Act which protects artist/photographers by giving the authors (us) of the photograph the exclusive right to copy, edit, and distribute the image by sale or transfer. It basically states that the photographer has the write to distribute cut, paste, copy, share, print, post and manipulate the image. Once we are consigned to a client, we give them full permission to the images. They will still be our property, but we would only use them if needed in our portfolio to promote our photography services. You just won't be able to submit them to a magazine and state that you took the picture!