Our Story

On a beautiful snowy night in Nova Scotia, Kevin & Christine met and instantly formed an undeniable bond that they both knew was unlike anything they have ever experienced before. They talked, laughed and walked the snow filled abandoned streets of Halifax getting to know each other for the first time. As the snow gently fell to the ground, they fell too for each other as they gazed into one another’s eyes and made a connection that they knew was going to be for life. That evening, they stayed awake until sunrise, talking and giggling as their feet warmed and hearts fluttered by the fire.

Within a very short time, Kevin & Christine became best friends, fell crazy in love and were inseparable. They instinctively know that they were meant to be together and insightfully saw each other’s life in their eyes. Four years later, Kevin & Christine exchanged vows under a magical rainbow, barefoot on a sandy beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Love makes life a paradise, the theme of their wedding day in tropical paradise, which they displayed over and over again with their love for each other.

Together, life has been a paradise, an adventure, as they are often found exploring the great outdoors, hiking the wilderness, cycling, venturing their city, road trips to unknown destinations, with always a camera in hand, optimism and a smile. Together, Kevin & Christine’s dreams envy their reality each and every day. They love life, love love, love each other and what they do, which is why they make such a dynamic husband and wife wedding photography team.

A Husband and Wife Photography Team

Kevin & Christine are two charismatic photographers known for making people happy and bringing out the best in their clients, while giving twice the coverage, style, and fun! As a husband and wife wedding photography team, they capture each moment of your wedding day from two different points of view. Recognized for capturing a unique, bold blend of modern style and spontaneous moments in their photography, Kevin & Christine strive to always go above and beyond their client’s expectations, while delivering optimal service and captivating images.  As seasoned artists, they have the vision to capture the emotions, excitement, fashion and elegance of your special day. We are Halifax’s Premiere Wedding Photographers!


Their Style of Photography

Their unique sense of design and artistic style is what separates this photography team from other photographers. Kevin and Christine pay special attention to the fine details of your wedding: all of the decorations that you spent months preparing, the precise choices you made when selecting the attire for each person in the wedding party, and the careful selections you made when planning your once in a lifetime wedding reception. Kevin and Christine ensure that once the music has ended, the dress is put back on the hanger, and your family and friends have gone home, they have encapsulated the true spirit of your magical day - memories you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Every special moment that they carefully capture, will forever allow you to happily reminisce about one of the best days of your life.


How Kevin and Christine Captures Your Wedding Day

A happily married couple themselves, Kevin and Christine know the importance of capturing all of the significant moments of your dream wedding, which is why they present themselves as tag-team photographers. During the time before the ceremony when you and your future spouse are getting ready, one photographer is with the bride getting her make-up and hair done, putting on her dress and spending the last few minutes with her girls. At the same time, the other photographer is with the groom, photographing the guys helping each other with their ties, laughing and joking around, along with the best man making a toast to the groom before he meets his future wife. Without having both Kevin and Christine, capturing all the important moments that you wish to treasure from your wedding day wouldn’t be possible because only having one photographer means that he/she can only be in one place at one time; and we all know that once the moment has passed, the image cannot be re-captured. Kevin and Christine know the importance of having two photographers on your wedding day to capture everything, which is why they offer 2x their services at a great rate, as they believe that every couple should be able to have the advantage of a team of fantastic photographers in order to fully capture the most important day of their lives.

Kevin and Christine welcome the opportunity to travel with you to your dream wedding destination, whether it be locally or faraway places. They will stop at nothing to get the perfect picture for you, whether it be climbing up high, laying on the ground, or kneeling in awkward positions, as they both take great pride in capturing the unique moments during your once in a lifetime event. Their promise is to capture the joyful memories shared by you, your family, and your friends, for a lifetime of wonderful moments.

Kevin & Christine Photography


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Halifax NS, Canada

We are Halifax’s Premiere Wedding Photographers!

Us in action!

Us in action!