Julia & Simon Engagement Session

Julia & Simon’s engagement session in Unionville was certainly one for the books. We arrived in Unionville a few hours before the couple in order to find great locations for their photo shoot. The entire drive up north threatened of bad weather. As soon as we arrived in this picturesque town, the sky opened up and it started to snow, hale and rain!  To top that off, the wind picked up to the point that the hale was blowing sideways on the road and the temperature dropped to a freezing 3 degrees. We decided to call Julia and try to reschedule; however, she explained to us that Simon was leaving the country in two days and wouldn’t be back until a few days before their wedding. Therefore, despite the weather, the engagement session was still a go.

Julia and Simon arrived with a big umbrella in hand, ready to brave the inclement weather. We all bundled up and walked around the town discovering so many wonderful places to capture Julia and Simon’s love for each other. The front porch of a lady’s boutique, the old train station and flowery fields were just a few of the fantastic photo locations we ventured to with this fun, loving couple.  The challenging weather conditions of the day can be seen in images with the couple standing under their umbrella on the railroad tracks and cuddling together under a blanket as they warm up from the chilling temperatures. Despite the weather conditions, Julia and Simon’s adoration for each other came shining through the entire day as they continuously poured love and affection for one another, hence the name of their engagement session “Raining Love.” They were both an absolute pleasure to spend the day with and we look forward to capturing their wedding day in the weeks ahead, most likely under warmer weather conditions this time!