Relive The Love!

Relive The Love, and enjoy every single frame of your wedding day with two photographers and an amazing wedding video!

Just as photos perfectly capture the  moments of your special day, video allows you to relive these moments and experience what you felt during one of the most important days of your life. Many couples say that their wedding day was “a blur,” which Kevin and I can completely relate. You are so busy with the excitement of getting ready, the ceremony, reception and photos in between, along with speaking to as many people as you possibly can throughout the day, that you often forget about taking the time to step back, relax and take it all in.

You’ve spent countless hours planning and preparing to make your special day perfect. Even though photos provide you with beautiful “snap shot” images of the day, your wedding video takes these images one step further and allows you to actually relive the music, laughter, voices and other sounds and live images, which created the moments you see in your photos. Since you are a bride for only one day, don’t you think you deserve to capture and relive your wedding day as if it were your favourite movie on the big screen? Well you can! Your wedding video allows you to do just that.

Every wedding anniversary, Kevin and I look forward to watching our wedding video, while laughing, crying and reminiscing over how amazing our special day was. Even though we were married several years ago, when we watch our wedding video, it allows us to step back in time and relive our wedding day, just as if we were experiencing the live moments of our wedding day once again. Along with hiring professional wedding photographers, having a video of our wedding day is invaluable and one of the best choices we made.

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